Young adult therapy is for those individuals who want to build a well-established private life and carrier path on a conscious well-prepared way. The development from being young adult to becoming autonomous mature adult person means someone is on the way to take the adult responsibilities, accept the social requirement towards becoming a mature member of the society and settle down, build a family life and have working status. And this is a long – long way full of difficulties.

This extended age period can divide three well-defined phases: 18 – 25, this is the real young adult age. Most of this group do not have own financial support being university students. In this time period there are some very typical conflicts, eg. difficulties with peers, sexual – psychosexual issues and difficulties in choosing carrier path or finding the right and the suitable one. And frequently during this period a very long personal developmental challenge begins a so-called individualisation – separation process, leaving the basic family and the family home.

The life period between 26 and 35 gives even more challenges. The transition from young adult to independent adult seems very complicated today for many. Nowadays it takes more time than it did in the past. Many young adults may find this transition – and the entry into adult responsibilities – overwhelming, exhausting and confusing, so it may lead more serious end and can cause mental health issues. Turning into financially independent status or and finding jobs for many seems unexpected burden or sticky problem. They can feel troublesome and anxiety or depression. Panic disorder or psychosomatic illnesses are very frequently diagnosed.

Not just in this age but during the whole young adult period the substance abuse is a serious problem.

Among youngsters eating disorders and body image problems /body dysmorphia/ are very common and regular.

Very sad but that is fact the young adult also have a high risk of suicide.

It is important to know, this is the time when young adults have to establish their own views and worlds and create their own value system. So they have to face and confront their parents’ views, opinions and identify their own values and practices as an essential part of becoming adult. During this age period the youngster are obviously inexperienced, and are searching different challenges, and discovering the wider world therefore they might be easily traumatized.

The final phase of young adulthood is between 36 and 40. Many individuals can feel higher level of anxiety and a sort of pressure of urgency to finalize their own mature lives. Unfortunately the previously unsolved problems can cause disturbances in personal life even though in family life, so couple therapy is often required. In this life period facing to carrier challenges and existential questions can result serious anxiety disorders. The different types of addiction can emerge as a potential solution of the coping strategy.


During the entire young adult lifecycle the youngsters have to face and manage tasks and duties, which are natural parts of the development of the human life. Therefore, they have to be well – prepared and conscious about the emerging problems and – if it is necessary – turn to professional help in time.