Eating Disorders

Anorexia Nervosa primarily affects young girls and women including excessive and intensive dieting, causes a large weight loss and is diagnosed under a normal level of the body mass index. Physical symptoms are the “bones and skin” outlook, sometimes the lack menstrual cycles or the disturbances in digestive – defecation function. Psychological symptoms are the distorted body image, fear of becoming fat and fear of bullying about being fat.

If the person feels hunger and eats food this behavior is followed by the sense of guilt and self – vomiting may be provoked afterwards. 

Binge eating disorder is when the person has an ongoing and / or repeated episodes of eating much more food very quickly in a short period of time, especially huge amount of carbohydrate. After binge eating the feeling of guilt is frequently occurred so self – induced vomiting may follow it.

This disorders can be found in adult population affects both men and women equally. It is associated with distress and personally overwhelming situations.

The person may have a shame or disgust doing this and usually eats alone hiding this behavior. The frequency is minimum once a week during a longer period of time.

Bulimia nervosa is a frequent episode of self – provoked vomiting to reduce the feeling of guilt and / or avoid the fearful weight gain or the compensation of the binge eating. The presence of this behavior is minimum once a week.