Photo: Gabriella Balázsi

Depression is an illness people feel constant sadness for weeks or months. There are negative thought about the future.

Depression causes a wide variety of symptoms.

Symptoms of depression vary from mild to severe:

  • mild depression – has some impact on the daily life
  • moderate depression – has a significant effect on the daily life
  • severe depression – has serious difficulties in the daily routine.

Symptoms of clinical depression

Physical symptoms:

  • having constant tiredness
  • having different sleeping problems
  • having no appetite
  • having no / low sex desire
  • having different unexplained pains and aches
  • having changed speed in moving or / and speaking
  • troubles in concentration or in memory

Psychological symptoms:

  • feeling hopeless and worthless
  • feeling anxious and worried
  • persistent low mood
  • crying easily
  • feeling irritable or/ and intolerant of others
  • having low self-esteem
  • having difficulty in making decision
  • sometimes having suicidal thoughts or thoughts of harming behaviors


Differential diagnosis:

GRIEF and Depression

Symptoms are very similar but the sadness and the pain of loss are normal in grief, it is a natural reaction to loss.


It is known as maniac depression. There are unexpected and intensive turnaround from depression into excessively high mood (mania).

The symptoms are similar to clinical depression and the maniac phase can include self-harmful behavior, unsafe sex conduct and any other uncontrolled behavior (gambling, intensive alcohol and drog consuming, overspending money).