Choosing university

What to do: work or study? What to study and what not to study? Should I stay ( in the city, country) or should I go? Where to go and how to get there? How can I finance it? These are the evergreen questions during high school years.

Choosing university is a very complicated process to everyone so let’ start the very beginning.

A few people have a special talent (in sports, arts, music or science) and they are lucky. Based upon these talents they do not need to think about where they start. It is a sort of predetermined carrier path. Another few people somehow accidently (unconscious passion) hit on his / her own way. But many have to work on to pitch up the right solution!

Searching and finding the suitable university studies is not just time- and energy consuming task from the side of the student or youngster. But, and the same time there is a pressure from their parents’ side and from schools and teachers’ side as well. And of course many students do not have sufficient self – reflexion to dig out the right choice or there is no imagination or plan about their future. So this choosing process makes great demands on them.

Generally the “old school” solution works – the lack of own desire and plan – the parents define and canalize their children “choosing activity”. And there are many ‘supporting’ factors to emphasize why that certain carrier path including university is so appropriate. Factors are the opinion of the family members, family and country tradition, celebrity status of the final job, career, the fame (even putative or real) of the university, the popularity of the desired job and of course the money.

Most students – the lack of own plan – yield to their parents will consider avoiding the anticipated conflicts, and hoping it might work! And in better cases when the entry to the university is successful – the reality comes and the youngsters have their own experiences and become disappointed. And of course – here and now – have to pay the price: the conflict becomes manifest about leaving university. Anxiety, shame, depression, sadness, lack or scattered images about vision, these are the frequently outlined problems.

But there is much more well – prepared method to avoid these situations: to learn about yourself and how to make the best balance among the factors inside you, in your personality and the outside world.