Choosing career path


After finishing university studies most students have a dilemma and questions: which is the good, right or suitable career path. Some of them have already exchanged universities so they have a little experience about changing direction. Many students just simply “choose” the jobs being offered them or where their degrees, diplomas or any other qualifications are appropriate.

But the lack of work experiences, when the youngsters meet the real work place and its serious requirements, they become disappointed. Not just having the troubles of the entrance into profession is a big challenge. But they have to face the suitability, the matching between there own desires, thoughts, skills and knowledge, and what the concrete jobs can provide them with. And there are more duties they have to deal with as jobs’ requirements, the new regulations and circumstances of the work place, even more the new social relations. Many cases just the “simple” everyday routine seems to be overwhelming – and frankly speaking – a few organizations give assistance to the newcomer to integrate or adapt into new situations.

After a certain time the youngster have to solve their problems alone. There are a few professional and non- professional types of support such as career consultant, psychologist or friends and family members. The fact is the only way is to sit down and start thinking and making analysis.

This is a sort of decision – making project: how to establish and build career.

First the person has to identify some important factors such as qualifications, skills, values (social), trends, fashion, the scope of activity, the sector of economy, sometimes location or travelling and what is the need of the workforce market. These are only the objective factors. Afterwards he or she has to analyze his / her personal factors such as personality, strengths weaknesses, age, family status financial circumstances and what is his / her imagination, dream or plan about the future. The examination of these factors is not easy to do, even alone and for the young adult is better to turn to professional assistance.

Please do not forget that the greatest maestro is the life itself and the real work experience. We have to conclude the consequences before doing any changes in order to meet a realistic, real-life option and implement a new careerer direction.